Easy Fresh Air Freshener

Product Description

The cover is the Air Freshener, and because the cover is the air freshener, Easy Fresh has the most exposed surface area of any refill resulting in maximum fragrance release. Consistent Freshness for 30 days. Easy Fresh is programmed so that as the 30 days pass and the fragrance evaporates, the fan spins more frequenting keeping the room smelling just right. “Easy” is in the name for a reason. Every 30 days Easy Fresh provides a visual and audible indication that it’s time to replace the refill. Every refill comes with a new battery, so you change them both at the same time and never run out. 100& recyclable. Taking care of the planet is important which is why Easy Fresh is part of our closed-loop recycling program.

Additional information



Individual Size

4.5" x 4.5" x 2"

Case Qty

12 covers/cs

Master Case Qty

6 bxs/cs