FlexDose Portable Waterless Dispenser

Product Description

FlexDose is the portable waterless dispenser designed for use with SafeLink closed-loop technology or for standard “open” 38mm neck chemical containers. FlexDose is ideally suited to accurately dose traditional cleaning chemicals into a wide variety of applications. Capable of dosing 1/16oz (2ml), 1/8oz (4ml), 1/4oz (7ml), 1/2oz (15ml), or 1oz (30ml), FlexDose is your solution for dosing sanitizers into hand buckets, disinfectants into mop buckets, dish detergent into sink basins, and much, much more. It’s built-in such a way that makes it ideally suited for any application where backflow protection is a concern, a wall mount installation is too costly, or portability is a must. Like so many other products in the DEMA line, FlexDose is robust and can withstand some of the harshest user environments and still perform as expected each and every use. It offers the convenience of ergonomic design to ensure that users have a comfortable working experience when interacting with FlexDose. If used with SafeLink, FlexDose will come with the required mating key; if used with an open container, it will come with three straws to fit the most common 2 liters up to 1.5-gallon bottles.

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