Wave Urinal Screen

Product Description

No one can have more fragrance in a urinal screen than Fresh Products, with a patented fragrance load that gives the Wave 3x more fragrance than the competition. The Wave lasts a full 30 days and then some. The Wave comes with date tabes along the top and bottom. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation. Now it’s easy to remember when to change out the screen. Gone are the days of opening a new package and having one of your screens go bad on the shelf. The Wave Urinal Screen is individually wrapped so each screen stays fresh. The Wave contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consume odors, so it doesn’t just mask them. These amazing bacteria also help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh.

Additional information


10 screens/case


Light Green, Pink


Cucumber Melon, Spiced Apple

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